The Perfect Way to Create 

Beautifully Screen Printed Projects

in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

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Includes Everything You Need

  • Screen Sensation Compact Unit
  • Screen Sensation Frame
  • Squeegee
  • Palette Knife
  • 7x5 Screen with 4 Designs
  • Instructional Leaflet
  • FREE Black Ink Pot
  • FREE Fixing Tape
  • FREE Vip Membership Club with Exclusive Offers & Videos!
Now You Can Print On Virtually Anything!  

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Clothing & Fabrics
Stationary & Signs
Jewelry & Fashion

Team Clothing • Wall Decor • Ornaments • Invitations • Holiday Cards • Home Décor • Party Decorations • Shoes • Furniture • Jewelry • Unique Gifts & SO MUCH MORE!

Every Kit Includes

Easy To Follow  

Step-by-Step Instructions

Learn different tricks and techniques to make beautiful screened creations. Enjoy the benefits of our VIP Club Membership and take advantage of Screen Sensation free downloads, special add-on's, online tutorials and discount perks!

  • Creating Repeating Pattern
  • Using Multiple Colors
  • Multi Layered Printing
  • Wall Decor
  • Clothing and Fabrics 
  • Invitations, Holiday and Thank You Cards 
  • Holiday Decorations 
  • Ornaments

Move over Pinterest! We'll even teach you how to create YOUR OWN DESIGNS! Create marketing collateral for your business, company swag, team t-shirts, special event clothing, family reunion, birthday parties, fun and unique clothing and so much more. The possibilities are infinite! 

Screen Sensation is Simple To Use  

Now Anyone Can Craft!

Tape to secure your desired design to the frame. 
Use your Palette knife to transfer your ink to the top of the screen mesh. 
Using your Squeegee, draw the ink down from the top across the mesh design.
Raise the hinged lid of the Compact to reveal your beautiful printed design!
Hear Why Crafters Are Loving Their Screen Sensation!
"Highly recommended!"

“I look forward to printing lots more and on different mediums in the future. If you’re tempted to give screen printing a go, I’d highly recommend it.” 

- LU (A Life of Lovely Blog)

""My daughter and I have totally fallen in love with the Screen Sensation!"

"The minute we saw the first print we were hooked! The kit is far easier to use than I expected and my ten-year-old daughter finds it as easy to use as me. The print quality is fantastic, with perfectly crisp outlines and no smudging or bleeding and we love that you can print onto so many different surfaces.” 

- Sarah (Craft Invadors Blog)

"Feeling accomplished!"

“You can do repeat pattern printing, which I think is cool, but may take some practice for me to master. By the end of it all, when I stepped back and looked at what I had created, it left me with a nice feeling and the thought “I did that." 

- Sara (Sara in La La Land Blog)

Includes Everything You Need to Create 

Professional Beautiful Results Quickly & Easily!

Compact Unit - It's designed to be completely portable and easy to use. Allowing you to create beautiful work in a small amount of space. 

Instructional Leaflet - Guides you through the creative process.

Essential Accessories - Kit includes a frame, a squeegee, a palette knife, and a 7 x 5 Decorative Elements Screen to get you started. 

Decorative Screens - Includes four different designs in contemporary patterns and styles – use them all together or mask them off and use each one individually. Visit our SHOP page for EVEN MORE screens and collect them all. 

Professional Quality Ink - Soft and flexible when dry, and washable after you heat set. It is water based and drain safe, making it quick and simple to clean up. 

Fixing Tape - Essential for attaching your screens to the frame. The tape has just the right amount of tack to hold each screen firmly in place, without causing any damage.

Screen Sensation is Now Available in 2 Sensational Kit Sizes!

Select From Below!

7x5" Compact Kit - $49.95
Compact Kit Includes:

Screen Sensation Compact Unit 7x5 Frame
Screen Sensation Frame
Palette Knife
7x5 Screen with 4 Designs
Instructional Leaflet
FREE Black Ink Pot
FREE Fixing Tape
FREE Vip Membership Club

with Exclusive Offers & Videos!

12x12" Deluxe Kit - $99.99
Deluxe Kit Includes:

Screen Sensation Deluxe Unit 12x12 Frame
Screen Sensation Frame
Palette Knife
12x12 Screen

Instructional Leaflet

FREE Mixing Bowl

FREE Wooden Mixers (10ct.)
FREE Vip Membership Club 

with Exclusive Offers & Videos!